Contact Staff

HosPortal has powerful email and SMS communications functions to contact your staff.

Build and maintain contact lists that maximise the attention and response rate from recipients.

Manage meetings and events, and track attendance securely.

Manage messages and events

Set up meetings and events, both repeating and one-off. Track attendance and CPD points. Use HosPortal's bulletin board to send non-urgent communications.

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Contact staff easily

Send and track email and SMS messages from HosPortal's 'Notify' page. Phone or SMS on-duty staff directly from your mobile device. Allow users to opt-out of messages, or override their preferences in an emergency. Set SMS and email reminders for key events.

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Build contact lists

Easily contact everyone on a roster, or all users of a particular type. Build and share your own contact lists. Allow users to subscribe and unsubscribe from lists of interest to them.

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Use QR codes to track attendance

Use QR codes to securely track attendees at meetings, events and training. QR codes are valid only for a limited time, and can only be used by registered users.

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