Welcome to new staff – and a change of approach

Posted By on 1 November 2017

When HosPortal acquired Group Network is also acquired the services of the help desk administrator, Georgie Lavan. Georgie has impressed us all with her incredible work ethic, and the way she managed the never-ending seven-day stream of roster swaps and user additions and deletions for Group Network.

Georgie’s role does highlight one of the major differences between the two businesses, and we at HosPortal think is a material benefit of the way we have designed our software.

In Group Network the process to make many administrative changes is to send an email to Georgie, and then wait for a response when the change was complete. In the case of a roster swap, finding a swap counterparty could be a major exercise.

In HosPortal, users do all this with a press of a button: adding and deleting users and swapping shifts is done through the browser with a couple of keypresses. That’s it…and the changes are reflected instantly for everyone to see. Easy enough for even a doctor to do it! And doctors in fact do it: St George Private has managed over 200 roster swaps since November last year without a single email.

HosPortal’s roster ‘market’ also allows people to advertise shifts they want to give away, and pick up extras, completely transparently and instantly.

So we hope Georgie will have much less to now that Group Network’s hospitals are on HosPortal. Which is just as well, with now 27 hospitals in total to look after and four big (and I mean BIG) new customer prospects in the wings, she will need to be busy on other things. Sorry Georgie.

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