Welcome to HosPortal V2!

Posted By on 2 December 2021

It has been a very long time between posts. We are very sorry to all the avid fans of the HosPortal blog (hi, Mum!) who have been waiting for more compelling content to digest during lockdown. But this really has been worth the wait. Trust us.

The focus of the entire team has been to make sure that our completely new, completely re-built rostering software is ready for launch in January. We have had our considerable marketing team locked together with whiteboards and Post-it notes and come up with the name “HosPortal V2”. What we lack in our marketing team we believe we make up for in the quality of our new product.

For a sneak peek at what to expect, have a look at this video on our Youtube page. It is aimed at existing administrative users who are already familiar with HosPortal, but we think even complete outsiders can appreciate the power and flexibility of what’s coming. The release in January 2022 is just the start. We have a long pipeline of really cool and useful enhancements that will make all sorts of rostering easier and quicker.

Let us know what you think!

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