Welcome Pedro

Posted By on 25 July 2021

As we have hinted in recent posts, we are still growing the team here at HosPortal to make sure customers get the best medical rostering software that we can build. Finding good developers who have the skills we need and fit with the way this team works has been really difficult. So difficult that we went through 4 recruiting agencies on exclusive commission over six months to find the right person.

We are delighted to welcome Pedro to the software development team. We had to bend our rule of insisting all our developers work for some time in the Sydney office and so Pedro is based in time zone, but outside Sydney. As it is, with the current lockdown, none of the team is actually making it to the office so it’s not been any more difficult than the other difficulties we have already had!

Apart from software development, Pedro teaches Jiu Jitsu and composes music in his spare time. In keeping with many of the other members of the team for their varied interests.

Welcome Pedro.


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