Tracking meeting attendance with QR codes

Posted By on 14 November 2019

Many of HosPortal’s rostering customers use our powerful meeting planning (‘Event’) features. You can plan and book regular and ad hocĀ meetings, and each event appears in invitees’ calendars. Each event can record attendance and have CPD (Continuing Professional Development) points attached to them for later reporting: attendees do not need to track them by themselves.

One feature we have often been asked for is to improve the way attendance is recorded. For some junior doctor training meetings there might be dozens of attendees. Recording attendance relies on an administrator to know the people in the room, or attendees to accurately sign the attendance sheet. Previously, the attendees needed to be later entered manually into HosPortal. And it can be easy for attendees to sign in for a colleague who is not actually in the room.

We now have a better way.

Each event now has a unique QR code that can be scanned by attendees from their mobile, but only around the time of the meeting and only when they are logged in to HosPortal. The QR code can be printed by an administrator and left in the meeting room, or projected onto a screen. Attendance is recorded in HosPortal’s event record in real time, visible to meeting administrators. And regular/repeating meetings generate a unique QR code for each meeting so it is harder for people to copy the code to share with mates or to use again later.

So, recording attendance is now really easy and very accurate.


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