Talking HealthTech podcast – now live

Posted By on 10 March 2020

Some weeks ago HosPortal participated in a live panel discussion for the Talking HealthTech podcast, hosted by Peter Birch, and supported by HosPortal’s landlord Hub Hyde Park.

This was an opportunity for an audience of around 50-60 people to hear first-hand from a panel of four health technology leaders, moderated by Peter, talking about all the important topics in the world of Australian digital health.

As Peter notes, this panel discussion was hugely insightful, and highlighted the dividends that pay off when companies embrace collaboration to solve big problems – a strategy that is particularly helpful to Aussie healthtech firms which are looking to solve some of our country’s biggest challenges using modern and emerging technologies.

So enjoy the following panel discussion featuring:

  • Manuri Gunawardena – Founder and CEO, HealthMatch
  • Melissa Webster – Founder and CEO, Sleepfit
  • Silvia Pfeiffer – Founder and CEO, Coviu
  • Charles Lynam – Commercial Director, HosPortal

You can access the podcast here. We’d appreciate your feedback!

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