Preview of new features

Posted By on 23 October 2020

Over the coming weeks we will start to share previews of our new medical rostering software. HosPortal is being completely re-written from the ground up, starting with a new architecture and a new software code base. We are trying to capture all the lessons we have learned from over 15 years of rostering doctors in all sorts of medical specialties, for public and private hospitals and other medical facilities.

Some of our new features will be available on the day the new software launches. Others will follow quickly afterwards.

The key improvements will be:

  • allow management of a more complex range of disciplines
  • more easily manage large numbers of people, to make this suitable for all-of-hospital use
  • manage more complex roster rules. We have seen lots of them and we hope to make a general set of rules to allow for statutory working rules and employment awards, as well as hospital-specific practices and tradition.

Please get in touch if you want to add something to our development wish list.

Stay tuned!

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