Notice anything different?

Posted By on 18 September 2019

You will not need to be a regular user of HosPortal to notice that today we have completely revamped our website. This is not without its risks: we have been at the top of Google’s search terms for some years now with extremely minimal investment in SEO. The reasons for the update are manifold:

Easier maintenance. Our old website was an integral part of our Roster software, so updates needed to be done by our development team. Now that we are using a market-leading site maintenance software we can let anyone in the team maintain their parts of the software, update team profiles and update product descriptions.

New products. With the success of Connect, our newly-launched patient survey software, we need to give it more equal profile. This has involved some re-branding and a re-design of the website architecture.

More dynamic business. We are now constantly releasing new updates and enhancements (and adding new team members to our staff). We need an easier way to keep our screenshots and product descriptions up to date.

We have been warned that it will take a few weeks to get back to where we were on Google search…fingers crossed.

(oh, we can now also add graphics and emojis to our blog postsĀ  )

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