New self-rostering features

Posted By on 31 January 2019

HosPortal has some self-rostering features that make it distinctive in the medical and hospital environment. All our private hospital customers, and some of our public hospitals, use variations of the self-roster process to allow them to populate rosters with minimum administrative overhead.

Features include abilities to easily and quickly:

  • set rules for each type of doctor and each roster separately
  • set minimum quotas, which can be determined by different drivers. A common one is that people who do more surgical work at a hospital are expected to do more on-call shifts.
  • set maximum limits on the number of shifts that a doctor can pick up. This limit might be temporary, to allow everyone a fair go at picking up good shifts.
  • report on statistics
  • quickly and fairly fill vacancies that come up later in the roster period, for instance if a doctor resigns.

Until now, these have all worked on a first-past-the-post selection system, where the first person to pick a shift would be allocated that shift. This is quick and self-managing. But not appropriate for all hospitals or all rosters.

But starting in April, there will be a new option: preference-based rostering. This will automate the process of:

  • surveying relevant doctors regarding their shift preferences
  • presenting these preferences to a roster administrator to confirm who will be allocated what shift
  • developing draft rosters within roster rules, and re-drafting rosters once some of the shifts have been allocated.

More information is available on our Youtube page, here.

Please get in touch if you want to know more.

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