New features to manage complex call rosters

Posted By on 22 July 2020

In a recent blogpost we noted that we had built some custom features for an existing customer, who is even more satisfied now than they were before we met their additional needs.

The genesis of the features was to allow users to amend their own shift times, for instance to record overtime, and attach an overtime reason to that shift. An administrator can then generate a report in considerable detail showing the number of hours of overtime on each roster, for each user, and for each reason.

With HosPortal being a cloud-based software, of course these features are now available to everyone, and include:

  • updated rules engine to manage conflicts on Call rosters
  • multi-select users onto individual call shifts, to rapidly populate many people into a shift with one click
  • automatically place every unstaffed person into a roster
  • permit users to amend the hours of their own shifts, up to 2 days after the shift ended, so that their overtime can be recorded
  • add tags (such as reason codes) to individual shifts, which can be done by an administrator or by the user themselves
  • generate an Excel report of overtime, being all shifts where a person’s hours are different to the one defined by the roster.

These features can be used together or individually.

Please get in touch if you want to know more.

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