New customers, new needs

Posted By on 20 January 2020

We are delighted to announce that we have secured the rostering for two private hospitals in Geelong, Victoria: Epworth and St John of God. Because Geelong is a medium-sized regional centre, the hospitals, which are otherwise competitors, have a particular issue of managing both anaesthetic on-call rosters together. This has required us to add some new functionality that we think other customers will also like.

From mid February this year, customers will be able to do three things they have not been able to do before when they self-roster on-call shifts:

  1. Allocate a self-roster quotas across multiple rosters. Previously, a quota only applied to a single roster. Now users will be able to apply their quota to any combination of rosters. HosPortal is smart enough to work out if an individual is only allowed or eligible to do some of those rosters, so that cannot staff themselves onto the wrong rosters.
  2. Set holidays depending on the day of the week. Previously, all public holidays needed to get treated the same. Now you can define a Tuesday holiday, for instance, to have different shift times to one occuring on a Sunday.
  3. Mix template/pattern staffing and self-rostering. Now you can apply users’ standard preferences and patterns to a roster period. When the self-roster period opens, users get credit for those shifts already staffed, and can remove and add shifts as they might normally in a self-roster process.


Another example of how HosPortal is constantly evolving to meet our customer needs.

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