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Posted By on 4 November 2019

We have had to lift our game since the RACMA conference, with a bunch of roster and patient survey sales leads keeping us all very busy. Apart from demonstrations and video conferences we have also been keeping the developers busy with a myriad of small changes. You might want to check out the following. You now have the ability to:

  • Define and add tags to calltypes, to allow them to be grouped and colour-coded.
  • Define calltypes and tags to have any colour at all, not just the ones our colourblind Commercial Director thought looked OK
  • Add filters to calltypes
  • Add filters to staff lists, and the ability to show each person’s ‘shortname’ (the name that actually appears on the roster, which might only be someone’s initials)
  • Use mobile phones from almost any country. Until recently HosPortal assumed that users were based in Australia. With recent New Zealand and other overseas enquiries this is not longer true.
  • Added QR codes to allow people to scan into meetings (more on this in later posts)


As they say in the software business, we have also made a range of small bug fixes and usability enhancements.


Please let us know what you think of the new changes.

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