First glimpse of our new doctor rostering software

Posted By on 12 May 2021

After a number of teasing descriptions of our soon-to-be-launched doctor rostering and sheduling software, here we show some of it for the first time. Regular HosPortal users will be familiar with some of the shape and features, but there is plenty that is new to love. This screenshot is from an example clinical allocation, just one of the many rostering and scheduling types and layouts.

  • More powerful and flexible view configurations (A).
  • Ability to name views for later (B). These can be personal views, for your own use, or administrators can create views for everyone to use.
  • Quick highlights (C) to show unfilled shifts and shifts that are different from the regular templates.
  • The ability to have combinations of draft shifts and draft allocations within shifts (D). Drafts are hidden from non-administrative users.
  • Symbols and colours can be optionally used to differentiate people in different roles (E). Here a green chevron to highlight trainees.
  • Named weeks in any number of repeating patterns (F).
  • Colours can be applied to identify similar activities, regardless of what they are called (G).
  • HosPortal’s powerful self-roster functions has been improved and expanded, and can now be applied to any roster type (H).
  • Improved templates (I) with multi-select grouping and editing.
  • Show non-standard times within standard session lanes (J), or create new lanes.
  • Explicitly show cancelled (K) and unassigned (L) sessions and assignments.
  • Conflict icons can be turned on and off by role in each view (M).
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