HosPortal V2 is now live!

Posted By on 25 February 2022

Well, for those who have been following our blogs closely, the January launch became a February launch of our brand new rostering and clinical allocation software. The entire team worked tirelessly over December and January to allow us to launch in early February, and then there were 4 weeks of making sure our thousands of users had the best possible experience.

Chris and Charles are really proud of the work that Terry, Ben, Pedro, Benjamin and Shiela put in to go live, and the diligence of the team to respond to the expected wave of questions and comments that came in the weeks afterwards. Any unexpected hiccups were addressed promptly: anything urgent within a few days of us being aware, and we are still collating and priortising suggestions for improvements and enhancements. One of the advantages in having a local development team employed directly by the business who are all as passionate about our customer service as we are.

We did manage to celebrate, in what has now become Covid-normal: nodding to each other wearily over a Zoom call.

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