Manage Clinical Allocations

Manage sophisticated clinical allocations and schedules across large and small health facilities.

Powerful templates can specify staffing and skills requirements across any work cycle of work.

Develop draft rosters for review, check for conflicts, and publish them at the press of a button.

Use powerful templates

Set up templates that define the staffing needs on any repeating cycle. Set skill requirements.

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Configure your views

HosPortal has lots of flexibility in what administrators and users can see, and how they present the information on screen. Use colours, icons and filters to see exactly what you need to. See leave, available and unassigned staff on the same page. Switch between views with a click.

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Share work in draft

HosPortal allows multiple administrators to build, edit and amend allocations simultaneously. All users see all changes in real time. See conflicts immediately.

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Manage communications

HosPortal's data is always available, and always up to date. Users are notified with simple and relevant communications whenever changes are made that affect them.

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