HosPortal goes global. Kia ora!

Posted By on 16 December 2019

We are all excited to announce that HosPortal is now a global company. We secured our first overseas customer for our world-leading medical rostering product, in New Zealand. It is also only our second non-hospital user. More details about both topics in future blogposts.

An interesting feature of our international expansion is how we have made HosPortal convenient for international users. This has involved – amongst other things – amending our mobile phone templates to allow for numbers from any country, and being able to set a default country for each installation so that users do not have to keep adding the ‘+61’ (for Australia) or ‘+993’ (for, for example, Turkmenistan) when they add users.

But even this involved a considered discussion about our UX. Many software libraries that manage international phone numbers use national flag icons. Which is great for distinguishing between Australia and, say, China or the USA. But terrible for distinguishing Australia from NZ, our two markets, especially if the icon is small. Another challenge considered and addressed by our talented designers and software engineers.

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