Happy Christmas – with presents for all

Posted By on 4 January 2021

As a final wrap-up for 2020, we thought we’d describe some of the many enhancements made to our great healthcare rostering software in the last 12-18 months. Think of these as our present to all our customers:

  1. Considerable enhancement to our self-rostering tools
    • ‘preference’ rostering, where HosPortal will collate preferences from users and build a draft roster
    • ability to fill multiple rosters with a single self-roster process
    • ability to staff rosters by a mixture of templates/patterns, self-rostering and manual filling.
  2. Improved ability to view and edit clinical allocations, including the ability to see many weeks at a time.
  3. Ability to define and apply doctor ‘skills’, and use these to search for doctors and define rostering rules.
  4. Improved ability to filter and group rosters, which makes management of many rosters a lot easier. For instance, one of our customers manages 160 rosters for their physicians.
  5. Ability to switch between roster-based views (the rows are the rosters and the cells are the person on that shift) and person-based views (the rows are the people, and the cells are the shifts they are on).
  6. Secure QR tracking of meeting attendees.
  7. Improved password requirements and the option to turn on multi-factor authentication (to require an SMS code to log on).
  8. Tools to allow tracking and reporting of time and overtime, including the ability for people to log time amendments to their own shifts and record the reasons for the change.
  9. Improved colour-coding options, including the ability to colour-code like rosters (e.g. all evening rosters).
  10. Improved clinical allocations rules when using skills.
  11. Improved options for doctors to express ‘available’┬átime (e.g. VMOs who want to make themselves available on days they would not normally work).
  12. Improved flexibility, options and aesthetics of PDF and Excel exports, including better ways to schedule regular exports.
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