Giving away your shift quotas

Posted By on 6 November 2017

One of the questions we get asked quite often is “What happens to my shift quota when I give my shift to another doctor?”

The simple answer is that you keep the quota, but you can now elect to give it away.

To explain: in many hospitals, on-call shifts are selected by users using a quota system. Participants then need to select shifts to fill their quota. Users who do not fill their quota are then more likely to be picked to fill unexpected vacancies over the life of the roster, such as when a doctor resigns from a hospital.

After you have picked your shifts, you may want to give away or swap a shift. The default is that you keep the quota: you have fulfilled your obligation to the hospital, but you are now lucky enough to find someone to do the shift for you. So you keep the quota and you are no more likely after the swap to get picked to fill an unexpected vacancy.

But there are some occasions when you may want to give away the quota with you shift. The most obvious is when you are very keen to get rid of a shift: you can offer the quota as an incentive when placing a shift on the market, so you are more likely to get picked to do unexpected shifts in future, and the recipient is less likely.

Recently we made a change to the shift swapping process to allow you to give the quota away with your shift. See the screenshot. Note that not all rosters use a quota system, so this option is not always available.

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