Getting ready for Group Network’s customers

Posted By on 30 October 2017

Since acquiring Group Network’s hospital scheduling business in August, Chris, Nino and Ricardo in the technical team, and Charles and Seema in the commercial team, have all been burning the midnight oil to make sure we have a clean and trouble-free transition over to the HosPortal software.

It was always the intent to decommission Group Network. No matter the quality of the software, it is costly to maintain two separate platforms, contract types and service expectations. But rather than abandon the Group Network service entirely, we have incorporated the best of its features and enhanced the HosPortal product.

When we transitioned Group Network customers on 28 September, all of HosPortal’s existing customers gained the benefit of new features:

Enhanced on-call invoicing functionality, with the options to send invoices automatically

An enhanced self-rostering process, including a range of ways of setting roster quotas, and automated filling of the roster if users do not fill their quotas. We used this feature for the first time at Macquarie University Hospital in October, and it has since been used at Gosford Private and St George Private hospitals

New options for shift swapping

Enhanced communications features for SMS and email transmissions

The great thing is that we have calculated that, at any hospital, between 50-60% of Group Network’s users already have a HosPortal login. So, for many people the only changes they will see will be enhancements. For hospitals where fewer of the doctors have seen HosPortal, such as Gosford Private, we have provided extended demonstrations to the anaesthetic and support teams and the feedback from what they saw was extremely positive.

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