Connect patient survey software at Australian Society of Anaesthetists

Posted By on 25 January 2020

We are pleased to confirm that the Australian Society of Anaethetists (ASA) now makes HosPortal’s Connect patient survey software available on its website. A direct link, accessible only to ASA members, is here:

Connect is specifically designed for doctors to collect feedback from patients. Its features include:

  • data security, including encryption and access controls, that makes it suitable for the collection and storage of patient health data.
  • easy-to-use interface for creating and managing many types of health surveys.
  • a library of pre-created surveys, such as ones endorsed by the ASA and ANZCA for collecting post-operative survey data.
  • health alerts that allow doctors to get SMS notifications immediately that a patient enters a clinically-important respose.

More details of Connect are available on out website

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