HosPortal Roster

HosPortal Roster is Australia’s premium medical scheduling software, suitable for hospitals and other clinical applications. Easily manage the rosters, schedules and rotas of any number of medical staff. Senior staff (consultants, attending) and junior (trainees, registrars, etc.)

Roster volunteer screenshot

Setting up ad hoc rosters and the ‘volunteer’ function

Posted By on 30 March 2020

We have had a number of queries recently from customers seeking to set up short-term medical rosters for…

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HosPortal team working during COVID

More suggestions on using HosPortal products and services during COVID-19

Posted By on 29 March 2020

HosPortal has worked recently with some customers and their doctors to assist with their COVID-19 responses. These have…

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Screenshot of preference-based rostering

Preference-based rostering – new video demonstration

Posted By on 24 March 2020

We have made many improvements to our preference-based rostering system in the last year. It is now more…

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Getting the best out of HosPortal Roster during COVID-19

Posted By on 17 March 2020

In addition to making use of our SMS and email functions (see our prior blogpost), customers should be…

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