Best Practice

HosPortal has dozens of person-years of experience in managing clinical rostering and patient surveys. Added to our team’s inquisitive outlook and enthusiasm for academic and practical research, we are often aware of best practices that our customers might like.

What is efficiency worth?

Posted By on 9 November 2017

A common part of HosPortal’s sales discussion involves how to justify the benefits of improved rostering to the…

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How to prepare for self-rostering

Posted By on 7 November 2017

Once you have set the roster start date (see earlier post), you need to prepare properly: rushing a…

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Good design

Good software design

Posted By on 3 November 2017

The team at HosPortal often reflects on good design. Recent discussion includes why, after about 5,000 years of…

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Self-rostering: how long is your roster?

Posted By on 2 November 2017

If you are a private hospital and considering your next self-roster process, or a public hospital and have…

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