Best Practice

HosPortal has dozens of person-years of experience in managing clinical rostering and patient surveys. Added to our team’s inquisitive outlook and enthusiasm for academic and practical research, we are often aware of best practices that our customers might like.

Shifts in La La Land: nuclear meltdowns, Oscar awards…and HosPortal design

Posted By on 25 November 2019

HosPortal loves to listen to good podcasts. And about 21 minutes and 50 seconds into a recent episode…

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Good design thinking in unexpected places

Posted By on 20 May 2019

  While we were demonstrating our rostering software to the Australian and New Zealand psychiatrists at the RANZCP…

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Further growth in HosPortal

Posted By on 1 May 2019

Every year or so we look at our activity metrics to see how things are changing. We have…

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How many doctors to accredit?

Posted By on 11 February 2019

One of the questions that we don’t actually get asked, but we have strong views on, is how…

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