Charles Lynam

Roster volunteer screenshot

Setting up ad hoc rosters and the ‘volunteer’ function

Posted By on 30 March 2020

We have had a number of queries recently from customers seeking to set up short-term medical rosters for…

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HosPortal team working during COVID

More suggestions on using HosPortal products and services during COVID-19

Posted By on 29 March 2020

HosPortal has worked recently with some customers and their doctors to assist with their COVID-19 responses. These have…

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Screenshot of preference-based rostering

Preference-based rostering – new video demonstration

Posted By on 24 March 2020

We have made many improvements to our preference-based rostering system in the last year. It is now more…

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Getting the best out of HosPortal Roster during COVID-19

Posted By on 17 March 2020

In addition to making use of our SMS and email functions (see our prior blogpost), customers should be…

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